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Plastic Cards with Magnetic Strip

You want to encode your plastic cards yourself and upload data, then our cards with magnetic stripes are just the right choice. High quality magnetic stripes are located on the back of each card. You can code it yourself or simply use it to upgrade your plastic cards.
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Information about plastic cards with magnetic stripes ...

For plastic cards with magnetic stripes, a distinction is made between HiCo and LoCo. The 300oe LoCo plastic cards have a lower magnetic flux density than the HiCo 2750oe plastic cards, which means that the HiCo plastic cards are much more resistant to external magnetic and data loss.

The magnetic stripe normally consists of 3 tracks with a total storage capacity of 1024 bits. Tracks 1 and 2 are only for reading data, track 3 for reading or writing.

Magnetic strips are connected directly to the plastic card during production and can not be subsequently applied. To read or write to magnetic cards, you need the appropriate reading and writing instruments and appropriate software.