Signature Pads

Signature Pads

Evolis Sig100 Lite Signature Pad
125,00 EUR
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Evolis Sig100 Signature Pad
169,00 EUR
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Evolis Sig200 Signature Pad
245,00 EUR
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Evolis Sig Activ Hightech Signature Pad
299,00 EUR
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Signature Pads

This is a digitalisation of a handwritten signature. It guarantees the identity of the signatory and the authenticity and origin of the document.

What types of files can be signed electronically?
All types of files can be signed digitally (Word documents, PDF, etc.).
The PDF format is the most widely used format, offers good document security and allows multiple electronic signatures to be applied. 

Does the electronic signature have the same legal value as the handwritten signature?

Yes. This is permitted under the laws of different countries.

Examples in Europe and the USA:

The European Directive of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework for electronic signatures recognises the validity of the electronic signature (Article 5). The Directive contains a technical definition of the latter: "data in electronic form which are attached to or logically associated with other electronic data and which are used for authentication" (Article 2). This Directive represents a significant step forward in that it introduces the concept of "signature certificates" and "certification service provider".
The French law of 13 March 2000 introduces electronic signatures into French law. It brings with it the same rights and obligations as the handwritten signature. Further information
In the United States, the Federal Act of 30 June 2000 (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act or "E-sign") regulates this issue.

Electronic signature to optimise your efficiency 

With the introduction of a digital signature you increase the efficiency of your company by simplifying the validation of documents:

Uninterrupted process: documents no longer need to be printed for signing and then scanned again,
Easy management of signed documents: Sending by e-mail or automatic archiving and saving time and effort by reducing the burden on postal services,
Immediate availability of information throughout the company: validated documents are digitised and are accessible to all authorised persons.

Increased security

Unlike the handwritten signature, the electronic signature can guarantee the following:

The identity of the signatory: the electronic signature is tamper-proof and can be used to unambiguously confirm the identity of the signatory,
Proof that the document has not been altered since the signature: the electronically signed document is unalterable. The signature is an essential part of the document and may not be used on another document.

Optimised image and user experience

By offering your interlocutors the opportunity to sign on a pad, you strengthen your brand image:

Less effort in validating documents for the signatory,
Modernising the image of your company through the use of signature pads,
Reduce your company's environmental footprint by eliminating the printing process.