Plastic cards printed both sides

​Printed Plastic Cards - both sides with one color.

  • You can choose of all our plastic cards.
  • The possible printing colours are: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Blue or Red.
  • Both sides will be printedand and have the same colour.
  • Send us your manuscript by mail at or by upload.
  • The time of production is about 1-2 days
Plastic Cards on both sides monochrome printed
from 2,00 EUR
plus 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Information about plastic cards printed in one color ...

In monochrome printed plastic cards, the cards are already colored in the desired color. Both sides of the card have the same color unless stated otherwise. You can choose freely from all our card colors. Subsequently, one of the 6 different printing inks is printed on the already colored plastic card. The colors white, black, gold and silver can be printed on all plastic cards. The inks blue and red can only be printed on matching plastic card colors that do not mix with the two colors.

On the right side you can select the card color, the ink and the number of identically printed plastic cards.