Pre-printed plastic cards and card printers

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Our special business solution is the perfect way to give your customers a personalized customer or membershiph card right away.

The business system essentially consists of 2 components - a card printer and already pre-printed plastic cards (from 250 pieces). Your advantage, not only that you immediately have an individual and unique customer binding agent, also the cost of pre-printed plastic cards are very cheap and in a perfect quality. Also here are color combinations possible, which would not be feasible with a normal card printer.

You can personalize the pre-printed plastic cards in seconds, number them, print a QR or barcode, names and hand them over immediately, thus saving even the subsequent shipping costs and expensive working hours.

We take care of a suitable large print shop, the right card printer and the necessary consumables for you. You just have to create a printable layout.

Card printer an pre printed plastic cards   Offset pre printed plastic cards

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Due the plastic cards are usually already pre-printed in color, it makes sense in this case to opt for a sublimation printer. An expensive re-transfer printer would be the absolute wrong choice here. Our recommendations here include the Authentys Plus or Authentys Pro, the Evolis Zenius or the Evolis Primacy, the Datacard SD260 and the HID Fargo DTC1500e or the HID Fargo DTC4500e. If you need to print very large quantities, you can also rely on the Evolis Quantum 2.

Preprinted plastic cards ...

For this we need only 2 PDF files, one for the front and the other for the back, with your print layout. Also here are special colors like gold or silver possible or RAL colors. You get perfect pre-printed plastic cards in industrial quality and save money and time. The production time of the plastic cards is about 3 weeks. Then you can, for example, in black font print the customer data, a barcode or QR code on the card. This reduce the printing costs of about 60 cents per card to only 3-4 cents per card.