Card Printer Packages for Butchers & Bakeries

Special card printer packages for Butchers & Bakeries

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The last few years have shown that especially in the area of bakeries and butcheries, black plastic cards with white lettering are preferred for price labelling. Occasionally, white cards are also labelled with black. With a white or black ribbon, you can print and design almost any card colour offered.
Our special card printer packages for butchers and bakers are aimed precisely at this type of card printing. Depending on the order package and card printer, however, a coloured print can also be applied to white cards. This way you are more flexible and can also print your logo or create name badges, for example.
Card printers for long cards are a special feature. They can print standard credit card size cards as well as longer cards up to 14 cm or 15 cm. These cards are particularly suitable for more detailed product descriptions.