Plastic Cards for a low Price - 35 Different Colors

Plastic Cards in more than 35 colors at a top price

Our assortment includes more than 35 different card colours at a low price - from the classic plastic cards in white and black to cards with metallic effect such as gold, black, blue, white or silver, and even completely new and noble plastic cards in matt colours. We have pink, blue, green, yellow, black and red cards in matt colours in our assortment for you.
Of course you can also obtain plastic cards with technologies such as smart cards or the increasingly popular RFID cards at particularly favourable conditions. Such cards are only available in white. On request we can print the cards for you according to your specifications.

Plastic Cards Cranberry Premium
Plastic Cards Cranberry Premium
from 1,50 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 24 (from a total of 128)

Information about plastic cards...

Our assortment covers more than 35 different card colors - from the classical plastic cards in white and black over cards with metallic effect like gold, black, blue, white or silver up to completely new and noble plastic cards in matt colors. Pink, blue, green, yellow, black and red cards in matt we have for you in the range.

But maybe Yellow Neon and Pink Neon are also your favorite ?! You can print all of our plastic cards with standard card printers or even use a permanent pen yourself.

You are not sure yet which card color is the right one? Then just order individual cards and create your own portfolio, according to your wishes and tastes.
Our plastic cards are the same size and quality as credit or debit cards, with rounded corners and perfect edges. They are colorfast, very robust and precisely manufactured.
All our plastic cards are suitable for card printers (not for inkjet printers). The size and thickness of the premium cards is exactly the same as a debit card. You can either print the plastic cards with an appropriate card printer or even write with a permanent pen.
The cards are all made in the EU, there are no cheap import cards that can easily break or in the worst case damage your card printer. The cards are colorfast and have rounded corners as well as clean worked edges.

Over the years, more variants have been developed. The most well known are the chip cards or the RFID cards. But also plastic cards for special applications as accreditations or the printing of extra long price tags are now available. In the offset printing, even the shapes of the cards can now be adjusted, so you can create very individual card designs.