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Hiti card printers offer a new quality of card printing in this category. The card printers are not only particularly quiet and fast, the Hiti CS200 and the Hiti CS220 also offer you a particularly good and high-quality printing results that did not exist before.

The modular design allows you to retrofit your Hiti card printer with coding modules, ETH connection or a turning station on site. Furthermore, a particularly large card feeder for up to 400 plastic cards can optionally be ordered. The card printer Hiti CS220 is currently the only card printer that can also print on transparent plastic cards.
  • Hiti CS200e: The HITI CS200e card printer is particularly impressive because of its excellent price and the very affordable ribbons. It is also quiet, very fast and offers excellent print quality. Optionally, the Hiti CS200e can also be retrofitted with a turning station, network connection and encoding options.
  • Hiti CS220e: The Hiti CS200e is identical in construction to the Hiti CS200e, but as a single card printer it also offers the possibility to print on transparent plastic cards.