Cleaning kits for Card Printer

Cleaning Cards & Cleaning Kits for Card Printer at a Top Price

An important part of the care of your card printer is the regular and careful cleaning. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the card printer should be cleaned after about 1000 prints. Please use only the special cleaning kits of the manufacturer. Other cleaners can damage the rollers as well as the printhead. So we offer you special cleaning cards for card printer and complete cleaning kits for card printer too.

Information about cleaning kits for card printers...

As a rule, the special cleaning program is simply started on the printer or the printer software and then the appropriate cleaning card is inserted into the card printer. This can be repeated as often as required, until no dark traces of the rollers on the cleaning card come to new. There are special cleaning pens for the printhead, which you can use to drive gently over the printhead.
The entire cleaning procedure takes less than 5 minutes to protect your card printer and ensure consistent, good card printing.