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Laminating Module ILM-DS for Matica XID8xxx and Matica XID9xxx
1.899,00 EUR
plus 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Laminating Module ILM-LS for Matica XID8xxx and Matica XID9xxx
  • Laminator for Matica XID series
  • Single-sided lamination module
  • easy installation
  • Further informations can be found here ►
1.549,00 EUR
plus 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Card Printer Matica S5200G System
21.999,00 EUR
plus 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
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About Matica Card Printer ...

Matica is a card printer manufacturer for complex ID card printers for government and industry. This know how has been transferred to the desktop card printers of Matica. The main focus at Matica is on re-transfer card printers that generate an excellent print image. As the only manufacturer Matica offers you a re-transfer card printer for extra large plastic cards. The Matica XL8300 is primarily used for accreditation at trade fairs or sports events. The Re-Transfer technology is perfectly suited for over-the-edge and very sharp printouts. Furthermore these printers are ideal for printing RFID cards in best quality.

Matica Edisecure XID8100: This is the entry level model for re-transfer card printing. It is the inexpensive card printer of the XID series and prints your employee badges absolutely over-the-edge.

Matica Edisecure XID8300: More powerful and faster than the Matica XID8100. It offers the possibility to equip your card printer optionally with different encoding modules or a turning station. For years a popular and reliable re-transfer card printer.

Matica Edisecure XID8600: The Matica XID8600 offers besides a factory integrated turning station the possibility to print with 600 dpi resolution. This makes your employee badges or ID cards even sharper and more brilliant.

Matica Edisecure XL8300: This is the only re-transfer card printer with which you can print larger plastic cards. This is especially necessary for accreditations in sports, at trade fairs or concerts.

Matica Edisecure MC660: The latest Matica re-transfer card printer was introduced in spring 2020. It combines best print quality with 600 dpi resolution, state-of-the-art technology and various security options in one device. Optionally, the Matica MC660 can also be combined with a laminator. The standard equipment also includes a turning station and a flattener for straightening the cards.

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