Card Holders, Lanyards, Jojos & Punches

ID Card Accessories for Plastic Cards & Card Printer at a Top Price

Buy the right accessories for your employee badges and ID cards right away. We offer you badge holders, lanyards, card jojos and card punches even in the smallest quantities. So you are well equipped for all tasks.

Information on card accessories

Badge holders: These transparent card holders are used to protect the card as well as to attach it to a lanyard, card yoyo, clip or to your clothing by means of a crocodile clasp or safety pin.
Lanyards: The classic for carrying ID cards. If you don't want a special badge holder to attach the badge to the lanyard, it can also be attached directly to the card with the practical carabiner fastener. All you have to do is punch a corresponding hole in the badge.
Card Jojos: Card Jojos have a practical extension of approx. 90 cm. So you can attach the card to your belt or belt loop and still be flexible to reach ID card readers. With a card yoyo you don't have to search for the card in your pocket and always carry it with you in a clearly visible position.
Card Punches: If you don't want a card holder, but still want to attach your ID cards to a lanyard or card jojo, you can prepare the ID cards accordingly with a special punch. Card punches are differentiated between a round hole and a long hole.