Ribbons and Films for Matica Edisecure card printer

Ribbons & Laminates for Matica card printers at a Top Price

Re-transfer card printers require not only a single colour ribbon, but also a so-called re-transfer film. If one of the two is missing, printing is not possible. In contrast to direct card printing, re-transfer printing is done on the re-transfer film first. This is then transferred to the white plastic card with heat. This results in sharper prints, more brilliant colours and completely edge-to-edge card printing. You will find a lot of Matica ribbons and Matica Re-Transfer Films in our shop.

At us you will find ribbons and Bundles for Matica XID8100, Matica XID8300, Matica XID8600, Matica XL8300, Matica XID-300M and Matica MC660.

Information about Ribbons for Matica Card Printers ...

All Matica card printers offered here are re-transfer card printers. To be able to print plastic cards with this printing technique, you need a re-transfer film in addition to the actual colour ribbon. In contrast to conventional card printing, the printing is not done directly on the plastic card, but first on the re-transfer film, which is then transferred back onto the plastic card.
The great advantage of this technique is both the higher quality print and the completely edge-to-edge printing of your cards. Only buy your Matica ribbons from specialist dealers. Here you get original goods from the manufacturer and the right ribbons for your card printer.
Matica ribbons come from Italy or Dubai. We therefore recommend that you keep a small stock of ribbons for your Matica card printer. Due to worldwide production chains, customs restrictions or bulk orders, especially at the end of the year, there may be supply shortages of ribbons and card printers. Although we stock several thousand ribbons for you, it can happen that one or the other ribbon is not available. We will then deliver it to you immediately and inform you approximately when this will happen.