Card Printers from Magicard at the best Price

Card Printers from Magicard at the best Price!

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About Magicard Card Printer ...

The Magicard card printers from England offer a special feature: almost all plastic card printers from Magicard can be printed with a watermark. To increase the security of your ID cards and access controls. If you wish, you can even create your own watermark on the Magicard Ultima and Magicard 300 and Magicard 600 card printers.

Safety is a top priority for Magicard's two new models. The Magicard 300 and Magicard 600 feature Digital Shredding ™, which means data transfer between the computer and the card printer is particularly secure. This is ideal for sensitive areas, authorities, offices or health insurance companies, which attach great importance to the protection of customer data.

Magicard Pronto: This is an absolute starter model which is often sold under other names. It is a single-card printer, which means that each card is inserted individually into the card printer. It is designed for small print volumes and the occasional production of employee ID cards.

Magicard 300: Faster, better and more secure than its predecessor, the Magicard Enduro 3E. Magicard 300 is a robust and reliable card printer that not only allows you to print in colour or monochrome, but also offers the possibility of printing a pre-designed watermark directly on the card. This increases the security of your badges or access control. Optionally also with turning station.

Magicard 600: Currently the flagship of Magicard. It offers up to 600 dpi resolution and is already WiFi ready. It can also print various watermarks directly on your employee badges. Magicard 600 is designed for durability and daily use. The operation is easy and uncomplicated, even for inexperienced users. It meets all the requirements of a secure and reliable card printer.

Magicard Ultima: The only re-transfer card printer from Magicard. This printing technology is especially suitable for demanding and absolutely borderless prints as well as for printing RFID cards. Magicard Ultima also offers the possibility to print different watermarks. On request and for an extra charge, your own design can also be created as a watermark by Magicard.