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Card Printers for Lables and Price Tags

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Information about Lable Printers ...

To print price tags or labels you usually do not need a special card printer and can use almost any model for it. Only re-transfer card printers are unsuitable for this, because they are not able to print on black matte cards.

There is also the card printer Evolis Edikio Access, which contains its own software and templates for price tag printing. However, the Evolis Edikio Access can only print black or white. If you want to leave open the option of a colorful prints, we would rather advise you to Authentys Identbadge, the HID Fargo C50 or the Evolis Zenius.

However, if you want to print price tags with extra long plastic cards, up to 15 cm, you need an Xtended printer. This is primarily the card printer Evolis Edikio Flex. He can print both, long plastic cards in one color, so also the standard cards of 86 mm length colorful and monochrome. Alternatively, the two card printers from PriceCardPro or the Magicard Xtended are available here. Here you must decide when buying, whether the card width should be 50 mm or 54 mm.

We are happy to help you with the right choice of your new card printer and are also happy to personally for questions.