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About Authentys Plastic Card Printer...

Authentys plastic card printers offer the best price/performance ratio currently available. Not only does Authentys offer a considerably lower price than comparable plastic card printers, but often additional options such as a turning station or consumables are already included in the purchase price. This saves you considerable purchase costs without having to forego quality or warranty services. We offer all Authentys plastic card printers at an unbeatable price.

With most Authentys plastic card printers it is possible to print a watermark directly on the card. With the Authentys Retrax, you can even choose from 10 different watermarks, which is an enormous advantage especially for the creation of particularly forgery-proof plastic cards. The new Authentys 300 card printer was developed for particularly secure data transfer between computer and card printer. It therefore complies with the latest data protection regulations and is the perfect card printer for sensitive areas, authorities and offices. It is already equipped ex works with a turning station.

Authentys Identbadge: By far the most cost-effective card printer for small print volumes. The Authentys Identbadge is ideal for small companies that occasionally want to print employee badges themselves. This is a single-card printer, which means that each card is inserted into the printer individually. To print on the back of the card, simply turn the card over and then print on the back.

Authentys 300: The cheapest cardprinter with a turning station. Here, the cards can be automatically turned directly in the printer and both sides printed in one step. The Authentys 300 also offers the possibility of printing 3 different watermarks on the cards as well as digital data shredding. This feature is an innovative feature of the Authentys 300, particularly with regard to the new data protection regulations.

Authentys 8100: An entry-level model for over-the-edge printing. In contrast to the DTC (Direct to Card) printing process, here printing is not done on the card but first on a film. This is then applied to the card with great heat. The advantages are better print results and absolutely over-the-edge card printing.

Authentys Retrax: This is also a re-transfer printer. It also offers the possibility to print watermarks on your employee ID cards. This is for security reasons and your cards can be made almost forgery-proof. On request and for an extra charge, your own logo can be integrated as a watermark.

We would also be happy to advise you personally on all Authentys products.