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Information about Re-Transfer Card Printers ...

Unlike "normal" card printers, re-transfer card printers do not print directly to the plastic cards. It is first printed on a retransfer film which is then applied to the plastic cards using high heat. This technique has two enormous advantages. On the one hand, the printed image is sharper and more colorful, on the other hand, it is thus possible to print the complete plastic cards over the edges. There are no annoying white edges, which are especially noticeable in dark layouts. Also, this method is gentler when using cards with chips or RFID transponders.

There are currently 2 different categories depending on the maximum resolution (dpi) of the card printing. 300 dpi is the current standard printing process and is completely sufficient for all normal card printing. Here we recommend the HID Fargo HDP5000 with its excellent price and the Authentys Retrax with the special feature of being able to print watermarks.

If you want to print the finest lines or micro-typefaces, you can not avoid a 600-dpi re-transfer card printer. The resolution is even finer and sharper, allowing you to print various security features. First and foremost are the HID Fargo HDP6600, the Evolis Avansia, the Dascom DC-7600 and the Matica XID 8600. All card printers can also be upgraded with various coding modules, which makes this printer category perfect and very secure ID card printers. The quality of the print is hardly distinguishable from that of industrially produced plastic cards.

We are also happy to advise you personally on the various re-transfer card printers.