Ink Cartridge for Card Printer Fargo INK1000

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Informations about Fargo INK1000 Cartridge

The new Fargo INK1000 card printer requires special ink cartridges instead of the usual ribbons. These are similar to those you use from your printer in the office or at home. However, the Fargo INK1000 uses a very special ink that adheres well even to the smooth plastic cards.

The ink cartridge contains the colours YMC (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) from which all colours can be mixed. The advantage of this printing method is that only as much material is used as you need at the moment. Especially with smaller images on the cards (e.g. passport images on employee ID cards), the Fargo INK1000 is much more efficient, as it does not use up the material for a complete card page.