Laminates and Patches for Evolis Primacy CLM-Laminator

Original Laminates and Patches for Evolis CLM-Lamination Module at a Top Price

The Evolis Primacy laminates are available in various designs. The laminates are available either transparent or with a hologram for greater security. Alternatively, the laminates are available in different thicknesses, which influences the durability of the plastic cards. Please note that you will need the Primacy CLM Laminator in addition to the card printer.
Laminate Patch for Evolis Primacy CLM-Laminator
68,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Laminate Patch for EvolisPrimacy CLM-Laminator
99,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Laminate for Evolis Primacy CLM-Laminator
95,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

Informations about laminates and patches...

Laminates and patches protect your plastic cards and ID cards from mechanical influences, abrasion and sunlight and, with the optionally available holograms, offer a very special security feature. Depending on the laminate or patch used, the durability of the individual cards is extended to 10 years.
The CLM laminator covers the cards with a thin, special film. The so-called laminates or patches. You can choose between transparent laninates and patches or laminates and patches already provided with a hologram.
The difference between patches and laminates is durability. Patches are more stable and robust and offer the best possible protection against all environmental influences. To apply a laminate or patch, you need the CLM lamination module from Evolis.